Touching Your Soul MP3 - 4 Dimensional Healing

Touching Your Soul MP3

The Touching Your Soul Meditation awakens you to a direct experience of the inner peace and guidance and compassion of your soul. When you touch your soul each day as a practice and carry it with you daily, you will smile and love your life.

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Meditations are a powerful sound healing technology that is designed to awaken your mind and energy system to its fullest potential. The crystal bowl music on these audios instantly creates a deep, master-level meditative state of awareness that includes body, mind and spirit.

Meditation masters lower the normal mental chatter or white noise in their mind so that they can allow their energy field to communicate with them directly without any mental filter. The goal of the master is not to leave the body, but to fully embody it so that all channels of consciousness are open. This opens the master to direct guidance from the higher self and soul that is unavailable in normal states of consciousness.