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Crystal Bowl Meditations

The Meditation Series of audios are designed to awaken specific essential states of being and support you in learning to access those levels of consciousness daily to live a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

When meditating with the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls, position yourself so that you are completely relaxed. Tension in the body blocks the natural energetic flow in the aura and limits your ability to receive information. Listening to the bowls immediately upon awakening or just before going to sleep are the most effective times to re-pattern your energy. Or use them for sitting meditations as a master guide for your journey inward.

12 Chakra Tones

The Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Tones is the essential self-discovery tool you will need to: first connect to your core soul tone, and second awaken your intuitive guidance and have more clarity of your life purpose.

Daily use will train your energy body and teach you to hold your energy field like a master healer and enhance your psychic ability.

Advanced Guided Meditations for Transformation and Manifesting

The Rhys Method® Advanced Guided Meditations for transformation and manifesting are the most powerful meditations that we teach in the Rhys Thomas Institute.

Doing these guided meditations is like getting a private healing session with a Master Healer.

These Advanced Guided Meditations, combined with the crystal bowl meditations, Crystal Bowls Healings, and Life Purpose Profile work can make a radical and permanent change in your life.

Crystal Bowl Healing Audios for Practitioners and Clients

These CDs can be used by clients or by practitioners. In both cases, the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Healing tones are specifically crafted by master healers to open the healing pathways needed to release physical, emotional or mental pain and stress so the client heals from the inside out.

Illness and “dis-ease” occurs when a person’s energetic body and life come out of balance with their life purpose. Stress created by the resistance to the events in life is the primary contributor.

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls Healing CDs are designed to create a peaceful supportive environment in which the energetic body and mind come out of resistance and back into harmony from specific illness and energetic imbalance.


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