Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Mediations for Transformation and Manifestation

Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Healing audios are a powerful healing technology that is designed to support the healing of specific illnesses and negative life patterns.

Each crystal bowl healing was created originally to train the healing students in the Rhys Thomas Institute to increase their healing vibration needed to heal specific illness.

These CDs can be used by clients or by practitioners. In both cases, the Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Healing tones are specifically crafted by master healers to open the healing pathways needed to release physical, emotional or mental pain and stress so the client heals from the inside out.

Illness and “dis-ease” occurs when a person’s energetic body and life come out of balance with their life purpose. Stress created by the resistance to the events in life is the primary contributor.

The Rhys Method® Crystal Bowls Healing CDs are designed to create a peaceful supportive environment in which the energetic body and mind come out of resistance and back into harmony from specific illness and energetic imbalance.

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