Rhys Method® Crystal Bowl Mediations for Transformation and Manifestation

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The Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Tones CD is the essential self-discovery tool you will need to: first connect to your core soul tone, and second awaken your intuitive guidance and have more clarity of your life purpose.

  1. Finding your core soul tone: Listen to the 12 tones in random order until one emerges that gives you the most inner peace and energy. That is your core soul tone. It is recommended that you then purchase the extended hour long version of that tone in Products, to play daily in your home, car and workspace to lower stress and increase your creativity and productivity.
  2. Getting guidance: The Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Tones CD is made up of 12 one-minute crystal bowl tones that are tuned perfectly to the seven chakra levels and five spiritual levels of consciousness. What you feel while the bowls are playing will give you direct inner guidance calling you to your highest purpose.

Daily use will train your energy body and teach you to hold your energy field like a master healer and enhance your psychic ability.

When meditating with the Rhys Method® 12 Chakra Tones CD, position yourself so that you are completely relaxed.  Tension in the body blocks the natural energetic flow in the aura and limits your ability to receive information.  Use a journal to note any body parts and experiences that arise during your meditation sessions.

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